Students Attending Education Support Facilities or Language Development Centres



Travel by Education Support Vehicle

There are a range of education support facilities that provide a variety of programs for students with special needs.

Government facilities

  • Education support schools and associated satellite classes.
  • Education support centres.
  • Language development centres and associated satellite classes and
  • Western Australian Institute for Deaf Education.

Education support schools

Click on the links below to view the current maps of the Education Support Schools catchment areas:

Atwell and Success School boundary


Aveley Secondary College_boundary












Kenwick School boundary for Years K – 6 

Kenwick School boundary for Years 7- 12






South Kensington_Carson_Street_School_boundary


Language development centres

Students who attend a Language Development Centre (LDC) operated by the Department of Education are normally eligible for Transport Assistance in respect to travel to the nearest such facility within the Transport Catchment Area defined for that centre.

Click on the links below to view the current maps of LDC catchment areas:

Fremantle LDC Boundary Map

North East Metro LDC Boundary Map

Peel LDS Boundary Map

South East Metro LDC Boundary Map

West Coast LDC Boundary Map

Non Government facilities

Non-Government education support facilities that are equivalent to the above Government facilities and approved by the Department of Education.


  • Under SBS policy a student attending an inclusion program at a mainstream school is not entitled to Transport Assistance as an education support student, unless, they live in a rural area and meet the mainstream student eligibility criteria.
  • If  students are capable of making their own way to and from an Education support facility, either by public transport, walking or cycling are encouraged to do so.

However, many students travelling to education support facilities have special needs and restricted mobility, which can exclude them from using some forms of transport. To enable students to access the programs available at an education support facility, the Government provides eligible students with a basic level of transport assistance.

Transport Assistance for eligible education support students are usually provided in the form of:

  • Appropriately modified 'Orange' school buses: and or
  • A Conveyance Allowance - for a parent/carer to transport the student to and from school
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