Contract School Bus

'Orange" school bus services are not available to the general public, they are operated by private operators under a contractual agreement with the Public Transport Authority.

Service details

  • Routes are approved by SBS, and designed to pick-up and drop-off students in the safest and most practical way, ensuring that no journey is longer than 90 minutes.
  • Travel is usually free; however, there are situations where services pick-up students inside a Designated Public Transport Area, in which case students may be required to pay a concessional fare.
  • Approval of a students' entitlement to travel on a school bus means the student is entitled to be picked up and dropped off at designated locations along routes approved by SBS, and transported to and from their nearest appropriate school.
  • Passenger loadings on contract school bus services are managed to ensure each student is provided with an allocated seat as standing passengers are not permitted.

Education support services

Contract school bus services used to transport students attending education support facilities generally provide a door-to-door service, have a bus aide to assist students and a mobile phone for communicating with parents/carers.

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