Parents and Carers Responsibilities

The general behaviour of students while travelling on contract school buses is the responsibility of their parents/carers.

Parents/carers are responsible for:

  • Applying for Transport Assistance for their child.
  • Completing and submitting all required forms relating to transport assistance and providing such information as is necessary for SBS to determine their child’s eligibility and entitlements.
  • Ensuring their child is delivered to the pick-up point on time and making appropriate arrangements for their child to be collected from the drop-off point in the afternoon.
  • Notifying the coordinator and the driver or contractor of any variations to their child’s usual school or travel schedules or pick-up/drop-off arrangements.
  • Managing their child’s behaviour, including ensuring that their child understands and obeys the requirements of the 'Code of Conduct'

Education support students - special consideration

Parents/carers of all students are responsible for ensuring that their child behaves appropriately when travelling on contract school buses and in accordance with the general principles set out in the 'Code of Conduct' and the particular conditions of travel which parents/carers acknowledge when they apply for Transport Assistance.  While all students are expected to abide by the 'Code of Conduct', special consideration will be given to students with disabilities.

Parents/carers of children attending Education Support Facilities should:

  • Work with the education support facility and the contractor or driver to implement a consistent student behaviour management strategy which is in accordance with the Code of Conduct;
  • Ensure that their child is ready for collection at a reasonable time prior to the arranged pick-up time in the morning – this not only allows for fluctuations in arrival times, but allows for the fact that route schedules are carefully planned and timed and drivers cannot delay for too long if a student is late;
  • Deliver or arrange for the delivery of their child to the driver or bus aide.
  • Ensure that a responsible person is at the drop-off point before the afternoon drop-off time;
  • Inform the driver of any alteration to transport requirements on both a daily and on-going basis (e.g. sickness, respite).
  • Complete any forms required by the education support facility, contractor or SBS.
  • Notify the Education Support Facility or contractor/driver of any changes to information, and
  • Complete and submit a new application for Transport Assistance if the student changes their usual residence.
  • Keep a current listing of the contact details of the driver, education support facility and respite care facilities.
  • Inform the driver of anything that may impact on the safe transport of the student (e.g. change in legal status of parent/carer, restraining orders, custody orders).
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