Printable Forms

The following forms are available for parents who are unable to submit Online Forms. Please note that processing times for manual forms are longer.

To apply for Transport Assistance, please complete the Application for Transport Assistance (for Mainstream and Education Support Students).

If you are applying for Transport Assistance for more than 1 student, please complete the above form and the Application for Transport Assistance Appendix - Additional Student for each additional student that requires Transport Assistance.

If you are applying for Transport Assistance for a student with a medical condition, physical mobility issue or impairment, you must complete an Integrated Care Plan Request Form.

Check list of information required to complete an Application for Transport Assistance. This check list will assist you with completing an Application for Transport Assistance.

To submit a Conveyance Allowance claim, please complete the Conveyance Allowance Claim Form.

To change your contact details or bank details, please complete the Change of Details Form.


To update wheelchair transport details please use Wheelchair and WTORS Details Form.

To request postural support please complete Postural Support Request Form.

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