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Public Health Measures on School Bus Services Term 1 2022

As you will be aware public health and social measures are in effect for the Perth, Peel, Wheatbelt, Great Southern and South West Region.

The public health measures include the mandatory requirement for the wearing of masks at all public indoor settings and on all vehicles (unless travelling alone or with members of the same household).

The following restrictions will apply to all school bus users that fall inside the Perth, Peel , Wheatbelt, Great Southern and South West regions.

  • All school bus drivers and bus aides must wear a mask
  • All students older than 12 years of age (attend high school Years 7 -12) must wear a mask

For education support students over the age of 12 where a mask can safely be worn this should occur. Where for medical or behavioural reasons the mask is an issue then they are exempted from wearing a mask.

To assist bus staff with the wearing of masks your assistance is requested to:

  • Please discuss mandatory wearing of masks with your children
  • Ensure your children have a mask for use on the school bus
  • Explain to your children that they may be refused transport if they are non-compliant with these requirements
  • Advise your bus staff of any exemptions to the masks mandate prior to utilising the service.

The Public Transport Authority will advise of any changes that occur during the school year.

If you have any further questions please contact your bus staff or School Bus Services. Also see links below for additional information.

Some links:

WA back-to-school rules announced as Mark McGowan flags face masks in primary classes - ABC News


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