Application For Transport Assistance

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Please note that you cannot save a partially completed form. The form must be completed in one session.
Before you access the form we recommend you have the following information available:
  • Parent/Carer details including DOB, phone, fax and/or email address.
  • Student’s details.
  • The number of days per week the student will be travelling to school.
  • Name of the school the student will be attending.
  • The shortest practical distance in kilometres from the student’s home to the student’s school.
  • The shortest practical distance in from the student’s home to the closest existing bus stop.
  • Details regarding any medical conditions, allergies, or disabilities of the student.
  • If applicable, details of student’s wheelchair such as make, model and weight.
  • Alternative Contacts: The name, address and contact details of at least two individuals who the PTA or the bus contractor/driver can contact in the unlikely event of an emergency.
Transport Assistance applications can only be submitted for a maximum of 12 months in advance. If Transport Assistance is required more than 12 months in the future you will need to submit an application closer to the date.

Terms & Conditions Print

Terms and Conditions of Travel
Travel by School Bus
  • All students must obey the Code of Conduct for travel on school buses.
  • Where specific arrangements have not been made with the contractor/driver, parents/carers must accompany students to and from the bus stop.
  • Parents/carers must notify the contractor/driver of any changes to a student’s travel schedule.
  • Students must use the bus service regularly, i.e. a minimum six trips per week. Note: If the student does not use the service regularly, their entitlement will be handled as if they were a Complimentary Passenger.
  • Parents/carers must notify the Public Transport Authority (PTA) when a student’s custodial circumstance change.
Transport assistance may be suspended or withdrawn if:
  • the student or parent/carer does not comply with the conditions of travel including the Behaviour Management Guidelines;
  • circumstances exist which make it unsafe or impractical for the student to travel on the school bus;
  • the parent/carer regularly fails to accompany the student to and from the approved bus stop;
  • the student requires any medical treatment during transportation;
  • the parent/carer fails to advise the driver or Bus Aide when the student is not travelling; or
  • the student fails to travel on a regular basis, i.e. a minimum of six trips per week (except kindergarten students).
Kindergarten Students
  • Students must be capable of travelling without assistance, including being able to get on and off the bus and get from the bus stop to their classroom or change buses, if required.
  • Students must be toilet trained.
  • Parents/carers must accompany students to the bus stop.
Route Modification and Spurs
  • Bus routes are not normally modified if it would mean the travelling time for any passenger would be greater than 90 minutes.
  • Students may be entitled to a spur from the main route, if the distance from their home gate to the main route is more than 2.5 km.Note: Spurs are deviations from the main bus route, where the bus travels up and returns along the same portion of the road.
  • A spur may extend to a maximum of 5 km (one way) for one student or 7.5 km (one way) for two or more students.
  • Spurs are not permitted to be added to existing spurs.
Complimentary Passengers
    Students who are not eligible for Transport Assistance may be allowed to travel as Complimentary Passengers subject to the following conditions:
  • students may travel as Complimentary Passengers with the approval of the PTA;
  • there must be a seat available on the school bus the student wishes to travel on, i.e. no Eligible student who is entitled to travel on the bus will be denied travel because of the presence of Complimentary Passengers; and
  • the bus stop for the student must be on the approved route. The provision of transport to Complimentary Passengers should not result in any additional cost to the PTA.
Medical Condition, Physical Mobility or Impairment
If a student has a: medical condition, physical mobility issue or impairment, you will be required to complete an Integrated Care Plan section of this application.

Conveyance Allowance;
  • The parent/carer must provide complete and accurate information on their Transport Application form and Conveyance Allowance claim forms.
    Note: Conveyance Allowance claims are auditable. Fraudulent claims will be treated seriously and the PTA will recoup any overpaid monies.
  • Distances provided by parents/carers must be accurate to within 100 meters, must be measured along the shortest practical route and cannot exceed 50.00 kms.
  • If an appropriate bus service is available, a Conveyance Allowance may be paid for travel to the nearest bus stop.
    Note: Student must reside more than 2.5 kms from the bus route.
  • Where claims for Conveyance Allowance excess $1000 per term, as part of the claim, parent/carer has to submit student attendance record from the school.
  • Claims for payment of conveyance allowance will not be reimbursed for periods in excess of two school terms in the arrears.
  • Parents/carers must submit a new Application for Transport Assistance if the student’s circumstances change, e.g. if they change address or school.


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