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Mask Rules and Other Public Health Measures to Ease on 09 September 2022

Mask wearing on School Buses

The Government recently announced a change under Public Health Measures in regards to mask wearing.

Under the latest health advice, mask rules will be eased on all public and passenger transport, including trains, buses, rideshare services, taxis and domestic air travel from 12:01am, Friday 9 September. This means that it will no longer be mandatory to wear masks on all ‘orange’ school buses for bus staff and all years 7 - 12 high school students.

Please note: Western Australians are encouraged to wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces and where physical distancing is not possible, to help protect vulnerable members of the community.

To help keep the community safe, everyone is encouraged to isolate and test if feeling unwell with COVID-like symptoms.

Please see the links below for further advice.

COVID-19 coronavirus: Latest updates (


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