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Terms & Conditions
* Parents/carers must provide complete and accurate information on their Application and Claim forms.
* Distances provided by parents/carers must be accurate to within 100 metres (ie 0.1 km) and must be measured along the shortest practical road route.
* To be entitled to a conveyance allowance, the student must reside more than 4.5km from their nearest appropriate school and more than 2.5km from the nearest appropriate bus route, as measured from the home gate of the student’s residence.
* If an appropriate bus service is available, a conveyance allowance will only be paid for travel to the nearest bus pick-up/drop-off location.
* Parents/carers must submit a new Application form if the student’s circumstances change (eg if they change their residence, school, frequency of attendance at school, distance travelled).

Payment of the Conveyance Allowance
* Parents/carers must complete a Conveyance Allowance Claim form and submit it to the school principal or school bus coordinator at the end of each school term.
* The commencement date from which the conveyance allowance will be paid is subject to approval by SBS.
* No payment will be made for a period prior to the date of approval.
* Only one conveyance allowance will be paid per family of eligible students.
* Payments are made in arrears as a lump sum at the end of each school term.
* Payments are usually made by electronic funds transfer into a bank account nominated by the parent/carer.
* Payments by cheque cannot be made as quickly as electronic funds transfers, and may take up to 3 weeks to process and mail.

Entitlement to a Conveyance Allowance may be withdrawn if:
* Information provided by a parent/carer on their Application or Claim forms is false or misleading.
* The student is travelling to a bus service, and the bus route is modified so that it comes within 2.5km of the student’s residence.


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Payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT)is the PTA’s preferred method of payment. Payment by EFT will result in your payment issued to you sooner. Have you previously provided the PTA with your current Banking Details?    

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